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Life Journal v1.4.0.0: Improved Performance, Weather, Image attachments and more...

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New Features

  • The performance of the application has been significantly enhanced. Everything will be a bit faster now. The initial load of your entries should be almost twice as fast as before. If you want to make it faster than that, we have introduced a switch on the Settings->Miscellaneous options to hide the progress bar while loading. With all of the optimizations and the switch turned on, it takes less than 2 seconds to load over 650 entries!
Life Journal Settings - Miscellaneous
  • Weather now contains information about Ozone, "Feels Like" Temperature, Precipitation Type (Rain, Snow, Sleet) and Precipitation Probability. You can view all these details by clicking on the Weather icon at the bottom right of your screen:
Life Journal - Improved Weather Data
  • We now allow for the attachment of either a JPG, PNG or a BMP image to your entry. From the Open File dialog, you can now pick the image type (at the bottom right) and attach the image. Don't worry - we still maintain Day One compatibility.

Enhancements / Other Improvements

  • Improved the layout of the Login screen.
  • Improved the layout of the Settings->Miscellaneous screen
  • The installer now shows the version of the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash if the last entry in the list was deleted.
  • When you changed the date (including the month) of an entry, the entry would still show a header of the old month. This has now been fixed and the entry will show under the correct month.
  • Fixed a bug where the entry text would not be reset in the case of an entry not being selected in the list.

Important Note

Existing customers of Life Journal (on the Shopify store) will get an email in their inbox with a link to download the installer for the latest version of Life Journal. We also deploy the app at the same time to the Windows 10 App Store. Please note however, that it can take between 2-5 business days for the application update to show up on the Windows store since it has to undergo a stringent certification and deployment process (managed by Microsoft).

This is an in-place upgrade - which means that you simply download and run the installer and it will update the application. Your existing settings and data will not be affected in any way. If, for some reason, you do not get an email from us (please check your SPAM folder!), just contact us and we will get you sorted out.

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