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About Us

Hi and Welcome to Beautiful Life Apps! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about us! 

About Beautiful Life Apps:

Based out of Hong Kong, Beautiful Life Apps is focused on building beautiful and easy to use applications that our users will love, and that will hopefully help them lead happier and healthier lives.

We believe that technology can help us lead better lives. So we have set out to create beautiful and meaningful products that are a pleasure to use, and that help enrich the way we live. We are big proponents of "eating one's own dog-food" - we are regular users of our own products. So we take great care in building these apps and sweat the details. 

Beautiful Life Apps deeply believes that your experience in using our software products should be exceptional. There is no such thing as bad feedback - we love hearing from our customers and incorporate their constructive feedback to make our products better for everyone. Our customers have frequently told us they love our products and responsive support. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback for us (we respond promptly).

If you love our applications, we would very much appreciate it if you spread the word around and give us a shout out on Twitter and Facebook. You can also rate our apps and leave us a review - either via this web site or on the store you purchased the app from.


About Life Journal:

Beautiful Life Apps set out to build a beautiful journal application that users will love to use and which will help espouse a regular writing habit.

We released an initial version of our journal application (DO Journal) online and got very favorable feedback. We have since learned a lot, and spoken to a LOT of our users and we set out to build the next generation journal application. We have now incorporated new technologies and have essentially completely rewritten the journal application - Life Journal.

Life Journal is a standalone journal application - and we intend to build out the application on multiple platforms (e.g. Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OSX). We also plan to continually evolve the application and build new features and functionality based on our product roadmap and feedback from customers. So do keep your feedback coming!

If you are a user of Life Journal and would like to leave us a review, please go to the Life Journal product page (click on the Write a Review link under the product images). We would love it if you gave us a shout out on Twitter and/or Facebook as well.

We select some of our reviews and also publish them on the Customer Testimonials page. Here's a couple from our customers:

A treat to use (5 Stars)

(John on May 05, 2017, United Kingdom - Via Microsoft App Store)
This is a beautifully designed app. I've used Day One on iOS for several years and wanted to find a good one for my Windows device. I bought Life Journal on the strength of the promise that it would synch with my Day One entries. It did that superbly, photos and all. I had to contact the developer over issues that were essentially my fault and he replied immediately, in full, and was extremely helpful. The best support I've had in my tech adventures. I like the Journal's design and flexibility, it just looks good.


Excellent PC/iOS journalling solution (5 stars)

A great way to seamlessly journal between the iOS mobile platform (iPhone, iPad) and Windows. It is a slick solution that removes the roadblocks and allows you to journal regardless of what screen you're in front of. The DayOne integration is fantastic.




  • Beautiful Life Apps is not affiliated with Day One or Bloom Built in any way.

  • Life Journal can be used independently of Day One (but can also be used as a Windows PC Client for Day One Classic, and allows for data import from Day One v2).