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Life Journal - A beautiful and secure journal/diary app

Life Journal is a beautiful and easy to use journal / electronic diary application. Life Journal is encrypted by default for maximum privacy and can be password protected for security.

If you are a Day One user on iOS or Mac OSX, Life Journal can be used on Windows PCs to edit your Day One entries (it allows importing of your Day One v2 Data).

Our customers love the amazing features and functionality of Life Journal. If you are looking for an easy to use daily journal/diary you will love Life Journal. Join the many satisfied customers and begin your journaling journey today!

Key Features of Life Journal:

Life Journal - a beautiful, secure diary (compatible with Day One)

A Gorgeous User Interface: A beautiful, secure and easy to use interface that makes journal writing a pleasure. It comes with great features that our customers love:

  • Create / edit / review your entries in a distraction free interface
  • Attach an image to your entry to make your memory visual
  • You can use the location and date/time from images having EXIF data
  • Use our template manager to use existing templates(e.g. Pure Gratitude Template, Pure Productivity Template, Food Diary, Exercise Diary, etc.) or create your own template with the template editor.
  • Use one of over 600 writing prompts for when you get stuck.
  • On location enabled PCs, entries are automatically tagged with location data so you can remember where you created them. You can also manually assign a location to entries.
  • Capture accurate, location-aware weather information for your entries.
  • Have your entries read back to you using Text To Speech (Read-Aloud)
  • Favorite your entries (*star* your entries)
  • Assign Tags to your entries to help you categorize your entries (multiple tags can be assigned).
  • Share part or all of your entries via Twitter and Email (but only if you want to)
  • Use Reminders to help you get more regular with your journal / diary entries.
  • Your entries are encrypted (using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption with a 256 bit key - the same level used by the NSA) for maximum privacy.
  • Assign a password for maximum security.
  • Customize the look and feel of the application using themes/styles. (Get 15 more beautiful styles with our Life Journal Theme/Style Pack).

Location Viewer: If your PC has a location sensor, Life Journal automatically captures and stores your location information with the entry. If you don't have a location sensor, you can set a default value in the Settings screen. You can also manually set the location of an entry by going into the location screen. View/Edit the location where you created the entry on a map. 

Life Journal - View/Edit location information

Image Carousel: View and navigate the images across all your entries. A distraction free view of only the images across your entries. Each entry's image can also be viewed along with the image's EXIF data (if available)

Life Journal Image Viewer

Use Templates and Prompts: Life Journal comes with over 600 prompts for those times when you are stuck about what to write. Just insert a prompt and start writing. Life Journal also comes with some templates (e.g. Pure Gratitude, Pure Productivity, Food Diary, Exercise Diary, etc.) that you can use to kick start your writing. Best of all, it comes with a template editor - so you can create your own templates - or edit existing templates.


Capture Weather Information: Life Journal comes with the ability to capture hyper-local weather information at the time and location of creating the entry. If you change the date/time of the entry, the weather for the new date/time is automatically updated for you.

Life Journal - Capture Weather Info

Export Your Entry: You can export any entry to HTML (or plain text) and have it open in a browser (or text editor) - beautifully formatted and ready for you to print or save as a PDF and share.

Manage your settings: Set up Life Journal to your specific needs.

Life Journal Settings

  • Password protect your entries to keep your journal / diary secure.
  • Change the font-face and font-size of the entry text - write the way you like.
  • Automatically detects presence of Dropbox and allows you to sync your encrypted entries.
  • Automatically detects Day One Classic on Dropbox and allows you to sync your data. Data synced to Day One Classic is not encrypted (to maintain compatibility)
  • Pick from one of 8 different themes & styles that change the look and feel of the application. Get 15 more themes with our Life Journal Theme/Style Pack.
  • Set a default location to tag your entries with location and weather data (used in case you do not have a location sensor).
  • Write more regularly by enabling reminders.

Search: Powerful and fast search capabilities that allow you to find entries within your journal / diary...
... by specified keywords or text
... containing a specified tag
... in a specified month (for example, enter Jan 2017 in the search bar)
... that have images (click the image in the status bar)
... that have been *starred* (click the star in the status bar)
... on the same day and month in prior years (e.g. enter 31 Dec or click the calendar button in the status bar)

Tags Manager: Create new tags, as well as assign/remove the tags for an entry. This will help you categorize your entries. Assign multiple tags to your entries.

Data Sync and Import:

  • Sync your data with Day One Classic folder via Dropbox - bidirectionally, seamlessly in the background
  • Sync your data with Dropbox for a backup mechanism (and future mobile functionality)
  • Import your Day One v2 data into Life Journal so you can keep it local and even edit/search it

Share content: You can share part or all of your entry text via Twitter or Email from right within the application. You are in control of what gets shared.

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Application automatically checks for and downloads updates
  • Life Journal automatically saves entries so you don't have to worry about losing your writing.
  • Changing the date of an entry automatically re-sorts it. We also get the weather information for the new date/time!
  • Application works great and looks beautiful on high resolution screens
  • Product is regularly updated. (View the release/update notes)
  • Highly responsive support - we use the product too!

Available for purchase on this store as well as on the Microsoft Windows 10 App Store.