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Life Journal gets Text To Speech Capability

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We are pleased to introduce Text To Speech (Read-Aloud) capability in v1.5.0.0 of Life Journal!

The Play button appears right above the entry editor (to the left of the Distraction Free Editor button).

Life Journal with Text To Speech

Playing an entry: Clicking on the Play button will initiate a read out of your current entry.

Pausing a playing entry: To pause the read out, simply click the button again (which will be showing a pause icon).

Resuming a paused entry: Once paused, you can resume read-out again by clicking the same button (which will now be showing a resume icon)

Stopping Read-Aloud: At any time, right clicking the play/pause/resume button will Stop the read-aloud.

How does this work?

Life Journal leverages the Speech API that comes with Microsoft Windows.

Changing Text To Speech Settings:

Go into Control Panel and search for Speech:

Control Panel -> Speech

Click on the Change text to speech settings and change the settings:

Change Text To Speech Settings

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