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Customer Testimonials

We are pleased to list some of our customer testimonials regarding our products here:

Life Journal

Excellent PC/iOS journalling solution (5 Stars)

(John B on Jun 05, 2017)

A great way to seamlessly journal between the iOS mobile platform (iPhone, iPad) and Windows. It is a slick solution that removes the roadblocks and allows you to journal regardless of what screen you're in front of. The DayOne integration is fantastic.

Excellent Windows Journalling App (5 Stars)

(Nancy Gandhi on May 11, 2017, India)

I was looking for a Windows replacement for DayOne, and found this. It is very easy to use, for journalling and also for adding notes, clips, photos, etc. while I'm working. Inserted photos are not presented as elegantly as in DayOne, but that's a minor issue for me. It also syncs with DayOne, which I use on my iPad -- it syncs fully with the original DayOne, only partially with DayOne's newest iteration. However, after I recently purchased it, there have already been several upgrades and new features added, so I am hoping for a full workaround with the DayOne v2 sync. The service support has been quick and friendly. Definitely worth the price.

One of a kind Journal (5 Stars)

(CJ on May 15, 2017, United Kingdom - Via Microsoft App Store)

I am going through a difficult phase in life and this app has served both, as a gratitude and healing journal. Writing my thoughts daily has done for me what CBT could not. The interface is an absolute beauty and this encourages and motivates me to visit it regularly. Can't thank the developers enough.

A treat to use (5 Stars)

(John on May 05, 2017, United Kingdom - Via Microsoft App Store)

This is a beautifully designed app. I've used Day One on iOS for several years and wanted to find a good one for my Windows device. I bought Life Journal on the strength of the promise that it would synch with my Day One entries. It did that superbly, photos and all. I had to contact the developer over issues that were essentially my fault and he replied immediately, in full, and was extremely helpful. The best support I've had in my tech adventures. I like the Journal's design and flexibility, it just looks good.

Does what it says it will! (5 Stars)

(Neil Winward on Apr 19, 2017)

I found this product because it seemed the only one - I checked out several - that properly synced with DayOne Classic. I switched from a MacBook Air to a Dell XPS 15 as my primary laptop and needed a journaling product that would be seamless between iPhone, iPad and laptop. This was it. Except, in the prior release, the app had a problem with displaying properly on the high resolution screen. I didn't want to have to play with the settings for just this app. The designers said they were working on a new multi-platform release that would address this issue. I offered to be a beta tester to help them work this out. Of course, it also meant that I could continue to use the product properly displayed. I gave feedback and improvements were made. The product had been working great for a few weeks and I wondered yesterday when the new version would be released. Today, as it happens!
Everything now works great. The interface between the Apple devices on DayOne (I use Classic) works very well and quickly. No need to input a file location to sync with dropbox - it just detects dropbox and makes the link. Nice! The different styles or skins can be easily changed to fit your mood or the lighting. Attaching an image to a post is simple and the pictures look - to use an Apple phrase - gorgeous.

These guys have worked hard on this release and deserve your $19.99. You will not find another app that does what this does - buy it now.

My first Windows jounalling app (5 Stars)

(Peter Scoville on May 08, 2017)

I purchased this app so that I could journal on my Windows platform and could also import my Day One V2 journal entries from my IPad into one consolidated place. I found the app very easy to learn and have used it daily since purchase. Any questions I had about the app I was able to contact tech support and got back easy to follow instructions in a very timely manner. I've easily added pictures to my entries and have been importing the Day One V2 journal entries seamlessly. I tried a couple of the free journal apps from the Windows store but they didn't measure up to "Life Journal" abilities and ease of use. The tech support is great and ease of use without a steep learning curve make this apps price tag well worth the price of purchase.


Get Life Journal and start your journal / diary journey today:

Life Journal is a beautiful, secure and full featured journal / electronic diary application for Windows. Life Journal can also be used as a Windows PC client for Day One (using Dropbox sync for Day One Classic and the Data Import Tool for Day One v2).