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Contacting Us & Support Requests

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Here's the best ways to contact us

Questions about Beautiful Life Apps:

Support requests about Life Journal:

Support requests for all other apps:

Social Media: Facebook, Facebook Messenger (Chat), Twitter


Submitting a support request:

When submitting a support request, it helps if we have some additional information that would allow us to investigate the issue and revert with possible solutions quickly. To that end please provide the following information in your email to us (just copy/paste the template below in your email and fill it out):

Operating System: (e.g. Windows 7 / 8 / 10)

Application: (e.g. Life Journal)

Application Version: (see About Screen in the application)

Where did you purchase it: / Windows 10 App Store

Settings-> Dropbox Sync Enabled (LJ only): Yes/No

Settings-> Day One Classic Sync Enabled (LJ only): Yes/No

Performed a Data Import from Day One v2 or DO Journal (LJ only): Yes/No

What were you doing when the error occurred:

  • Please provide as much detail as possible such as the actions you took leading up to the error.
  • If possible provide screenshots - press PrtSc to capture the error window(s) and paste it into the email.

Provide the Error Logs: You can find the error logs under:

  • If the LJ app was purchased on The error logs will be located at C:\Users\<YourWindowsUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Beautiful Life Apps\LifeJournal\logs (remember to replace <YourWindowsUserName> with your windows user id)
  • If the LJ app was purchased on the Windows App Store: The error logs will be located at C:\Users\<YourWindowsUserName>\AppData\Local\Packages\26883DOJournal.43895F8C1E0E5_576dr2wy16cc4\LocalCache\Roaming\Beautiful Life Apps\LifeJournal\logs (remember to replace <YourWindowsUserName> with your windows user id). NOTE: If you cannot find the folder marked 26883DOJournal.43895F8C1E0E5_576dr2wy16cc4 – look for something similar (e.g. 26883DOJournal.43895F8C1E0E5_1.3.0.0_x64__576dr2wy16cc4)
  • Just zip up the error logs and send it to us with your support request.

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