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Life Journal Support: Life Journal Does Not Detect Dropbox / Day One

Day One Dropbox Life Journal Support Sync

What is the Issue:

When you go into the Settings screen, the application does not recognize that Dropbox is installed (and by extension that Day One is available on Dropbox).

Why does this happen:

We have seen this happen when you have installed Dropbox from the Windows App Store. Due to the way that apps from the Windows App Store "virtualize" their data storage, Life Journal cannot find the info.json file (which should typically be in C:\Users\<YourWindowsUserName>\AppData\Local\Dropbox) that contains the location of your Dropbox folder. 

How to Fix This:

  1. Close Life Journal
  2. Make a backup of your Dropbox data
  3. Uninstall the Dropbox that you had installed from the Windows App Store.
  4. Reinstall the latest version of the Dropbox client from
  5. Make sure Dropbox is properly setup and that your data is synced to your hard drive.
  6. Then start Life Journal and go into Settings
  7. Life Journal should now recognize that Dropbox is installed. If you use Day One Classic and sync that data via Dropbox, then the Day One sync option will also be available.

Still having issues?

If you are still having issues, please contact us.

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