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Exporting Data to HTML, Text (and PDF)

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Life Journal allows you to export your information to either HTML or Text. You can export each individual entry by clicking on the "more actions" button. This brings up more actions you can take on each entry.

The bottom-most button exports the entry to beautifully formatted HTML and opens the resulting exported file in your default web browser.

The second button from the bottom exports the entry to a Text file and opens the resulting exported file in your default text editor.

We do not support direct export of your entry to PDF format, but one workaround for this is to export the entry to HTML. When the exported file is opened in your browser, you can choose to then print it to a PDF file (most modern browsers now support this functionality).

You can also bulk export all of your entries to Text or PDF as well using the Export All button on the main menu bar. This will export all the entries and when finished, let you know where all of the exported files are stored.

Export All Entries from Life Journal

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