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Life Journal - A beautiful, secure, full featured journal/diary app (compatible with Day One)

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Life Journal

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Life Journal is a beautiful, secure and easy to use journal / diary application. Our customers love Life Journal for its beautiful user interface and amazing features (read some of our customer testimonials). Some of the key features are:

  • Always-On Data Encryption for maximum privacy
  • Password Protection to secure your journal
  • Tag management (to help categorize entries)
  • Attach an image to an entry
  • Capture location data and weather for entries
  • Image Viewer (with EXIF information) and Location Viewer (map view)
  • Use writing templates - such as Pure Gratitude, Pure Productivity, or create your own templates
  • Use one of 600 writing prompts for when you get stuck
  • Periodic reminders to help you write regularly
  • Have your entries read out loud using Text To Speech
  • Powerful search capabilities (search for entries with images, starred entries, entries on a date, free text search, etc.)
  • Highly configurable to make it your own
  • Share your writing via Twitter or Email
  • Eight Beautiful themes (both light and dark) and an add-on pack with 15 more.
  • High resolution aware (looks spectacular on high resolution screens)
  • Sync with Day One Classic folder on Dropbox and Import data from Day One v2
  • Import data from DO Journal
  • Real Time Data Sync with Dropbox
  • View all the features of Life Journal

Buy it today and join the many users that love Life Journal and get into a pleasurable and daily writing habit with Life Journal!

Note: Life Journal for Windows supports Windows 7 and above.

Windows 10 Compatible


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