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Life Journal Support: Some of my entry thumbnails are distorted

Life Journal Support Thumbnails

What is the Issue?

  • Some customers have indicated that they see an issue with the thumbnails for an entry. The thumbnail looks distorted or completely black.
  • This is typically associated with either a first time sync with Day One Classic data on Dropbox OR on a subsequent background sync event.
  • It is typically observed when there are a lot of entries being synced.
  • Note that your entry image is not damaged in any way - just the entry thumbnail image is distorted.
  • Only a small percentage of thumbnails are affected.

How can I fix this?

  1. Close Life Journal if it is running
  2. Go to the Life Journal thumbnail data location.
  • For customers that purchased the app via the Microsoft Windows 10 App Store, this is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Packages\26883DOJournal.43895F8C1E0E5_576dr2wy16cc4\LocalCache\Roaming\Beautiful Life Apps\LifeJournal\Journal\photos\thumbs.  NOTE: If you cannot find the folder marked 26883DOJournal.43895F8C1E0E5_576dr2wy16cc4 – look for something similar (e.g. 26883DOJournal.43895F8C1E0E5_x64_v1.2.5_576dr2wy16cc4)
  • For users that purchased the app via, this is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Beautiful Life Apps\LifeJournal\Journal\photos\thumbs. Remember to replace <user> with your Windows user id.
  • Select and delete any distorted thumbnail images.
  • Run Life Journal. It will now recreate any missing thumbnails.

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